About me

I love colors and art.. it's funny but I had completely different studies at school: numbers, rules and all about economy.

I never really studied art, just in middle school and 1 year after school. Was just a hobby. On January 2014 I decided to buy a simple 10 colors kit and try to learn how to paint kids at parties. I loved it! Colors, brushes and sponges reminded me how much I love Colors and Drawing. I started to study by myself, reading books, articles on-line and watching YouTube tutorials. My skills as a face painter fastly improved. After 1 year, in January 2015 I did my first face paint competition in Verona-italy where I placed 5th. In that occasion I saw for the first time a body painting competition. I was completely amused by all these colors, projects and the stories behind the body paintings. I decided to try and in March 2015 I did my first body painting competition. After this I didn't stop and I started to do all competitions possible, to try, learn and have fun.

In July 2015 I decided to measure myself (at that time, I have done just 2 body painting ever) and participated to the World Body Painting competition in Austria where I placed 20th on a total of 50 participants. This push me to believe that maybe I could really do it and intensified my studies in body art including workshops with top international artists. In the meanwhile I did more competitions and in November 2015 I won the BTC 8 competition in San Antonio Texas. From that moment I started new projects and ideas… more colors and BodyArt on the way!!